Well, didn’t I learn something new today

I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser and my home page is their start page.  They always have something Firefox related  underneath the search bar such as buy t-shirts or download the beta version.  I usually don’t pay attention to what is there.

Today I did and it said:    A live feed of firefox cubs. Can you handle the cute?

I am so able to handle cute.   I click on the link and get the live cam feed going from the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee.

I’m looking at the live feed.  It’s in black and white instead of colour, but that’s ok.  I’m there for the cute factor.

There are two animals and they don’t look like baby foxes.  They look like pandas.  They are sitting on a jungle gym setup with a rope for them to climb and the biggest clue that I’m not looking at baby foxes is that they are eating bamboo.

I scroll down a bit and learn that the red panda is also called firefox and OMG are they CUTE!

This is what the Knoxville Zoo website says about the red panda.

Found in the Himalayan foothills of China, Nepal and India, red pandas favor remote, high altitude bamboo forests. Unfortunately, their fragile habitat is being destroyed by logging and human expansion, and their distinctive red fur makes them prey for hunters. As a result, red pandas are endangered, and their future in the wild is uncertain.

The link to the cub cam is here.  If you just want to see some pictures of cuteness, here you go.




Can YOU handle the CUTE?


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