Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

I saw the phrase recently and decided to see what our friends on the internet had to say.  For the most part it was:

The optimist says the glass is half full.

The pessimist says the glass is half empty.

Does it really matter?  Why can’t a half empty glass be just as good as a half full glass?  Why does it have to be optimist vs. pessimist?  I understand it’s a philosophical debate, but why does it have to be so black or white, one or the other, half or whole?  That’s not the way life is.  Life can be so many things.  Wonderful, intimidating, fulfilling, scary, loving, adventurous, soothing.

I believe that the glass represents the balancing act that is us and our lives.  We are constantly emptying and refilling the glass.  Some days we do a good job in making sure our needs and our lives are more or less balanced , other times life is pretty frazzled.

However, the glass does not need to be refilled at one point and one point only.  That would be a life constantly interrupted and on edge waiting for that moment to arrive.  Or, knowing that you only have a limited time until you have to stop and refill,  it could be a stifled and boring life.

Since life is nothing if not an ongoing balancing act, we have to find a balance act that works for each of us.

To help us, here’s a link to Zen Habits and an article written by Leo Babauta titled How To Find That Elusive Balance Between Work and Life. Leo writes about figuring out what you love and what is important to you, and then making the time and finding the right balance for everything.

I hope the article  helps you find some balance in this holiday season and beyond.


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