The Tacky and The Ugly – Christmas Sweaters

OK, I tried yesterday to write something Christmasy.  Looked at different sites, listened to Christmas music…nothing.

Today, while perusing my newspaper’s web site, I saw a link to Ugly Christmas sweaters and a post was born.

I’m also listening to trance music which totally screams Christmas, don’t you think?

I would wear some of these sweaters.  Sometimes you just have to get into the spirit of things.   Maybe this will inspire you to have an Ugly Christmas Sweater party next year!

While looking for pictures, I found that many of these beauties are for sale.  Ugly sweaters, it seems, is a booming business.

(Disclaimer:  I get no money for those I included in this post.)

I’ll let you decide whether these are ugly or snugly.




Fur and flamingos.

Ugly in French.

Let’s see if we can fill that stocking, Princess!

Yes, lights and batteries are included for this one.

Furry balls and angels on boobs!  Divine!

Reindeer playing peek-a-boo.


Yes, that is Santa on Noah’s Arc, which is on wheels. 

To clarify:  this is not an ugly, tacky sweater and I would be happy to hug a man who wore this and shame on those who think this is ugly.

This is SNOOPY, it is beautiful and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!


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