Lists for 2010

I love looking at year-end lists.  It gives me a chance to remember what has happened, seeing some of the events through different eyes and being introduced to a variety of wondrous and mystifying things.

Have some time to waste?  Need to get away from the family during the holidays?  Here’s a list of lists that I’ve compiled for you to enjoy and use as an escape.

Time Magazine’s Top 10 Everything of 2010.

Newsweek has The Decade In Rewind. not only has the most popular top 10s of 2010 but they also have an ongoing list of various top 10 subjects.

Popular Science has a great gallery of science images from 2010.

I don’t know how you can get a top list of comic strips so I’ll just point you to and to and you can create your own list of favourites.

Business Insider brings us the 15 groundbreaking inventions of 2010 and the 20 most idiotic inventions, one of which is that Snuggie!

Made any New Years resolutions for 2011?  Yahoo has a list of the “we make these every year” resolutions and resolutions for the baby boomers.  For new and not so new parents, Babble has some resolutions to help make 2011 a happier year for your family

Need some help making realistic resolutions? has some tips on making them stick.

And, as my gift to you this year,  go to where you can find a new and unique list each day of 2011.


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