Today’s Horrorscope

Well, I checked my horrorscope/horoscope today, for entertainment purposes of course, and it told me not to be flippant as I may “piss off a few people”!

Piss off a few people?

It actually said that!  Am I going to have one of those days?  These things are for entertainment purposes only and it’s telling me not to piss people off!

I checked Yahoo Astrology, just to compare.  They always have the Chinese astrology to go along with your sign.  Today’s Chinese astrology:

Unruly children could put snags (sic) your day if you’re a parent. Built up pressure can make you do regrettable things. Rather than act on impulse, you may want to use breathing exercises to deal with kids, and then let them wear themselves out.

Breathing exercises?  Well, I don’t have kids but the people who I live with sometimes act like kids.  Again, one of those days!

So, I give you the definition of flippant from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary website and I humbly offer a screenshot of my horoscope for today that you can click on and enlarge, if need be.  For entertainment purposes, of course.

Hope your horoscopes don’t turn into horrorscopes.

Definition of FLIPPANT

1 archaic : glib, talkative
2 lacking proper respect or seriousness


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