It’s Time To Escape

(Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru – Maldives, Asia)

It’s cold where I live.  How cold?

We have a wind chill warning that is extending into Sunday morning.  Here’s the lurid details:

Clearing skies with increasing northerly winds will give cold wind chill values in the minus 35 to 40 range beginning overnight and continuing into Sunday morning. People outdoors should exercise extreme caution as frostbite on exposed skin may occur in as little as ten minutes. Wind chills may slowly improve somewhat later Sunday as the mercury struggles upward under sunny skies.

The minus 35 to 40 range is in Celsius  and converts to minus 31 to minus 40 Fahrenheit.  Brrrrr!!!!!

So, I went looking for a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” escape.  I found a website called Private Islands Online.  It is a private island marketplace where you can buy or rent private islands worldwide and it’s where I decided to pretend I wanted to rent a nice, little spot far away from the cold.  I picked three islands that are available in Asia and all three come with a slide show.  To view the slide show, just place your curser over the word “images” and click on slide show.

Vettila Thuruthu, India is the first island I looked at.  Right now it is available starting at US $693/week.

Surrounded by the lake and by canals, each Residence is an island on the island, has a large garden around the house, and its own boat jetty. It provides places for up to five persons.

Soft tourism is practiced and renters help preserve the environment and local culture.  If you really like it, the island is for sale.

If you’re looking for a castaway island experience for only US $25,760/week, Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru in Maldives may be the place for you.  With only six villas on the island, privacy is a given.  Pristine, white beaches, a lagoon and your own dedicated island hosts and tented pool villas add to the experience.

Taprobane Island is located 200 yards off the southern coast of Sri Lanka and the rental information is available upon request.   The house on the island has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, huge verandahs and balconies and many a secluded spot to get lost in. There is water and adventure sports, devil dances and if you want to play tourist, tea plantations, temples, relics and antique shops to visit.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday island eye candy tour.



  1. Oh my goodness. You know how much I hate the cold, and it’s no where near as cold here as it is where you are….I’d never leave the house!

    But now I have a place that I will dream of visiting forever…or at least until I get there…that little island in India. The Green Lagoon Resorts are amazing! The price list on their website are like $1 a day. Stuart said, well we could just move there, it’d only cost us about $365 a year. (not sure I’d like to be there during monsoon season…but from November – April..Ahhhh!)
    One draw back. I’m not too sure about the food. Not sure they’d understand no Gluten. The food would be a little limited. (But I do love that it’s all fresh, and local) However, most of their cuisine has coconut in it…not a favorite in this household. I told Stuart we needed to start eating a little bit more and more, maybe it’s one of those things you get used to. : )

    I still think we just have to visit there though!

    1. Well, that is the island that’s for sale.

      You could live there when you want. Have your whims catered to…

      As for the food, I don’t mind coconut but whenever I’ve used it, it’s been for desserts. We actually use coconut milk in a chicken meal we cook on a regular basis and you don’t taste coconut. We mix in jerk seasoning or a masala paste and we get a really flavourful meal. I think they could probably substitute it with something else, though. And, since it’s a resort, I would hope they understand no Gluten. There’s so many people with different dietary concerns I don’t think that would be a problem.

      Especially for the owners, tee hee!

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