Wacky Wednesday – Informercials

Well, the cold is still hanging on.  What this means is this.  I’ve been  sleeping a lot during the day then I’ve been awake in the middle of the night.  Over tired, plugged up, coughing and groggy.

Prime infomercial time.

There’s been the standards.  Exercise, beauty, cleaning and cooking.

But there’s always those infomercials that go beyond the conceivably useful.  They look tacky and they sound tacky.  Some infomercials seem to insult our intelligence by showing us how badly we were doing things without the benefit of their wonderful product.  Imagine that!

But one thing these late-night gems do is provide humour.

I also have to admit, I’ve been suckered into buying a couple of things.  Years ago Bruce Jenner was selling a treadmill that didn’t require a motor.  A year or two after I bought it, my buddy Bruce was introducing a new exercise machine to the masses and at the same time, talking about how those motorless treadmills aren’t worth the money you’re spending.

Thanks pal.

And bless my heart, I have bought the ShamWow pieces of cloth!  At a Staples of all places.  Although, hopefully to my credit, I do use the things.

So, I thought I’d try and find some short infomercials and maybe we can celebrate not only the creativity that went behind the invention of these gems, but the fine acting and smiley faces of the actors who hopefully got paid enough to be in them.

And, we’re off!  First up is the Tiddy Bear!  On the website it’s now called the Snugglestrap.  It snaps on to the seatbelt of your car and it saves you from the great discomfort of having those ill-fitting shoulder straps.  Seems to be made by men, for women and for men with moobs.

Ah, the Kush Support.  It goes between the breasts while we sleep.  Yes, it’s as sexy as you think it is and no, all the women in the infomercial are sleeping by themselves.  How did we women ever get along without this.  Enjoy the video on the website from the show “The Doctors”.

The Shake Weight.  Made for women to sculpt our arms.  Another one that seems to be made by men.   Hmm.  If only there was one for men so we wouldn’t think this was just something creepy designed by men.

The Shake Weight for Men!  There is one for men!  And yes, that’s exactly how he got those arms!  The facial expressions still look creepy.

There you have it.  A few highlights from the middle of the night.  Don’t go crazy spending that hard-earned money of yours.


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