It’s The Year Of The Rabbit

February 3, 2011 is the beginning of The Year of the Rabbit!  Are you a rabbit?  You are if your birth date falls in one of these periods.

Jan.29,1903 to Feb.15,1904
Feb.14,1915 to Feb.16,1916
Feb.02,1927 to Jan.22,1928
Feb.19,1939 to Feb.07,1940
Feb.06,1951 to Jan.26,1952
Jan.25,1963 to Feb.12,1964
Feb.11,1975 to Jan.30,1976
Jan.29,1987 to Feb.16,1988

Wikipedia has a page about Chinese astrology and I’ll let you find a site and discover what the year ahead will be like for you.

However, for something a little different, I’m posting some images of antique bunny-themed nengajō. They are Japanese New Year’s greeting cards or post cards and each year features the animal from the upcoming Chinese zodiac.  I originally saw these on  Pink Tentacle, a really interesting blog of Japanese art, culture, science and technology. The images are from a collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Happy New Year and may good fortune come your way.


2 Replies to “It’s The Year Of The Rabbit”

  1. I am a rabbit!!
    I’m actually a little excited to find out what the year will hold. I think it’s funny that I’m a water sign in both the traditional zodiac and in the Chinese zodiac. (unless of course you go by the new zodiac with 13 signs…then I’d be an air sign)

    Since you posted on the new zodiac signs, I’ve read my astrology thing in the paper a few times and actually, I did fit more with Gemini than Cancer…but it’s just too weird to think of me as a Gemini…I’ve been a crab my whole life. (yeah, I think that sounds too strange too.)

    I have a friend who is really into astrology, I really need to ask her how she’s feeling about all of this. I bet it messed her up. hahaha

    I loved the art work.
    I may have to do a day of art on my blog soon.


    1. I am a water tiger and a Gemini.

      I think I’m going to see what the lunar year will bring. I like checking these out, saving the ones that are more detailed onto my computer and reviewing them at the end of the year.

      It’s strange (or maybe not if you believe) how on target some of these are. I know most are generalized, but some are just so off base it seems like they used a dartboard to write up the meanings of each sign.

      And, I think you should do a day of art, especially if it’s your own. (hint, hint)


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