Stumble Upon Saturday

Well, my cold has pretty much gone away.  Now it’s getting my strength back up and my sleep back on a regular schedule, which is why I’m starting this at two in the morning.  I’m getting there.  When I was really sick I was awake all night and falling asleep usually around 6:00 am.  Now, I fall asleep around 9:00 pm and I’m only up half the night.

So, tonight I started clicking on the “stumble” icon on and thought I would link to stuff I found interesting.  So, here goes…

What does your body language say about you from

I guess someone wants me to learn about body language and lies.  Another article about detecting lies and body language from

Sidewalk chalk drawings by Julian Beever.

Are you thinking of bringing one of man’s best friends into your home?  Here’s a list of 10 canine commandments from to think about before getting a dog.

These 40 tips for a better life from Global One TV have been around for a long time from various people, but it never hurts to be reminded.

Do you want to learn how to recognize when someone is trying to sell you on some idea or thing?  Do you want to be the one to be persuasive?  Do you feel that someone is trying to deceive you and you want to avoid that from happening? has approximately 5,000 pages to help you


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