Wacky Wednesday

There’s the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  The same kind of thinking seems to be true for the themed cakes at Bizarre Bites.  Some of the cakes are creatively awesome, some are awesomely weird.  Then, for me, there’s the Batman and Spiderman cakes and all I could think of was “Off with their heads!”.  Happy feasting, now I want a cake!

I understand the thrill of wanting to do it and the adrenaline rush from doing it, but, actually doing it?

Sometimes the drawing technique  is as much art as the finished product as this video shows.

Don’t mess with pensioners!  Just don’t!

Have a great Wednesday!


One comment

  1. Thank you for your long story. There are many pieces I can recognize. i think the 5 stages are good to make you understand why you react the way you do. I think I´ve come to the acceptance, but some days I can fall back to the denial. That happens when there is a good day when I feel almost like before. It makes me good to read about your thoughts about life and death, to see that these thoughts are common. I believe that the thoughts about having a choice to live (or not live) has helped in some way. A choice I don´t think about today, but a choice that exists somewhere and if.

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