OMG – Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!

Barbie and Ken, of the Mattel Barbie and Kens, ARE BACK TOGETHER!  What a joyous and auspicious world event to behold on Valentine’s Day, of all days!  There is even a gift set that was released for the occasion after a vigorous wooing campaign by Ken and an opportunity to vote on whether you wanted them back together again!  The above picture is of  said gift set that started appearing in stores last December according to the web site   Oopsie! I hope that didn’t stop you from voting on whether the plastic duo should get back together or not.  I’d hate to think that voting wasn’t important and that everything was predetermined by Mattel.

“Ken and I were made for each other,” Barbie tells USA TODAY. “Our love is grander than any dream house.”

That was the bland quote Barbie  gave to USA TODAY! You may have noticed I’m using a lot of exclamation marks!  I have to put exclamation marks at the end of some of my sentences.  You would think that after a few years apart Barbie would sound so excited that her statement would have at least one exclamation mark but, who am I to judge.

Oh, those two wacky plastic kids were made for each other, don’t you think?


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