A Link To Phylor’s Blog To See What We Wrote

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Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

I wanted to let you know about something I participated in recently. I had read a post at Phylor’s Blog that was a letter to her mind and body and she then challenged her readers to do the same. And we did.

We are all dealing with a variety of chronic illnesses and if you would like to gain a bit of understanding about what we are thinking and feeling, I encourage you to read the post And the winners are: thanks to those who wrote a letter to their bodies and minds .

The following is from her post and I hope you will go and read the different letters that we wrote.

I challenged my readers to write their own letter; to start a dialogue with their minds and bodies; to open the lines of communication. I am very pleased with the results of my suggestion. Folks with a variety of health issues wrote powerful, moving, emotional, evocative, personal letters. Links shared with me via the comments section or by email.

I’d like to take a minute or two more of your time to highlight these letters/writers (with links). I think when we share, we learn. We learn about ourselves and we learn about/from others. The dynamic of encouragement, empathy, and understanding is the hallmark of the various health issue online communities to which I belong and participate. The willingness of folks to be open and honest is inspiring. I feel privileged to have “met” some amazing and incredible women as I journey through the cyberverse. And these are a few of their stories.



  1. Thank you for doing this! I feel hono(u)red. I really think that our difference and our similarities mean we can learn and be inspired by the words of others in such letters. I know I felt moved, enlightened, cheered, saddened, hopeful, educated and appreciative of everyone’s efforts, including yours, of course!
    And, as a participant there is a little {sur}prize for you. If you don’t mind telling me, you can email me with your address and I’ll put the small parcel in the mail.

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