Wacky Wednesday

(Image via BuzzFeed)

Are you a nerd? Love computers, mobile apps and games? PC World has compiled a  bucket list of 50 geeky things  for you or the nerd you love.

Fortune cookies. Always a source of enlightenment and entertainment in one little piece of paper. And riches if you did what these people did and played the lottery using the numbers found on those little pieces of paper. However, some fortunes just don’t make sense, as you can see in this article from BuzzFeed.

Do you need a distraction for a few minutes? You can play Rock-Paper-Scissors against a computer on The New York Times web site. Your opponent will be a novice or veteran and as the game progresses, you can see how the computer makes it’s choices based on your moves.

Many animals, as a form of protection, use camouflage to hide from predators. Let’s use this stink bug in Singapore as an example. Some people think it looks like Elvis. Others see Bert from Sesame Street. I’ll let you decide who the stink bug looks like and who it’s predator could be.

What do you do if you love show jumping but your family can’t afford a horse? Why, you train a cow, of course.

Hope your Wednesday is not that wacky, and if it is, the weekend is almost here.

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