well, this will be eye-opening

please forgive the lack of capitals and whatever else i won’t do but i took a tumble last night. it had been raining all day and finally stopped so we went to the convenience store so he could get some smokes and i could get my lottery tickets. just as we were starting home i put my foot down on the exact spot where the inlay brick and the concrete sidewalk meet in just a way so that i fell with a thud.

my left ankle is swollen, my right knee is scraped and my right hand, because of course i’m right handed, is sore and a bit swollen. when i thudded to break the fall, i thudded to the right which is why i have a scraped knee and sore hand. so whatever posts i was going to finish and post will be held off for a few days.

if i get really good bruising, i’ll post the gory pictures. but till then, i’ll just be chillin’ and using cold compresses.

i hope your week starts out better.



  1. Hope you recover soon! That sounds like a nasty tumble. Hope the swelling goes done, and you get your right hand “bacK’ soon!
    I’m a faller, and now have to be really careful because, due to osteoporosis, when I fell in July 2009, I fractured my right wrist.
    I’ve learned to fall as carefully as possible — used to break my glasses all the time.

    1. thanks. the worst part is it had been raining all day and i just wanted to get out for some fresh air. it’s supposed to go up to 22 today so all plans to enjoy the day are now out the window.


  2. Ouch! I fell a few weeks ago and I thought I broke my nose…but didn’t. Take care of yourself and rest until you feel better.

    1. thanks. resting is exactly what i’ve been doing and cold packs to help with the swelling. and tylenol has worked for me so i haven’t needed anything stronger, which is good.

      i don’t know what i have ever done to sidewalks but this is the second time in the last couple of years that i’ve fallen because of sidewalks. the city had torn up this particular street last year to replace aging sewers, make the street look prettier and so on. you’d think they would have the technology to have walls spring up so we can bump into those instead of falling. soft walls would be even better. i can bump into walls like a pro now.

  3. I hope you are feeling better. Maybe your luck will turn around and you will win the lottery.

    I too have had my run in with sidewalks. I fell once coming out of work after it had been raining and the sidewalk was slick. I tore the ligaments in one ankle so badly I was on crutches for 8 weeks.

    and I think capitalization is over rated.


    1. Thanks. I’m getting there. My wrist is much better, my ankle is still swollen but it’s getting more flexible each day. Still chillin’ with the cold packs, though.

      For the last two or three weeks I’ve won a free ticket on the lottery so maybe it’s a sign of things to come. No one won last week so the top prize is still $50 million. I can share, no problem with that. Even if I get enough to buy takeout. Can’t really wrap my head around $50 million. Although, if I won, I would certainly try. 🙂

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