A TED Video About Moving Past Our Limits

(Image via Kanchi.org)

Caroline Casey grew up not knowing something was wrong with her. Until her 17th birthday when she went to a doctor’s appointment with her little sister and had a fake exam as a way to be there for her little sister. The doctor noticed it was Caroline’s birthday and asked her what she was going to do and she enthusiastically said she was going to learn how to drive.

Then there was silence until the doctor looked at her mother and said “You haven’t told her yet”.

Listen to Caroline in this TED video as she talks about her disability and the choices she makes when, as she quotes the Janis Ian song ,  learned the truth at seventeen.



  1. I cried my way through the clip. This was only the 2nd TED.com clip I’d seen. In both cases, folks I know through blogging had put TED.com clips in their postings.
    I spent hours this morning, afterwatching Carolyn, working my way through the site, seeing if there were any TEDx events near me, etc.
    I think I will be spending a lot more time in the land of TED.com!

    1. I love checking out TED videos. The longer ones only run around 20 minutes and the shorter ones are a few minutes. So depending on the amount of time or attention span that you have, you can take a quick break or find you’ve spent an hour or two watching videos.

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