We Heart It Inspiration Quotes

(All images via We Heart It)



    1. After sitting and lying around this past week, I really needed to get my thoughts in a good place. Boredom can be very evil, especially when you’re not in the mood to do anything.

      Can’t wait until I’m just lazy! 🙂

  1. I particularly like stop thinking of what might go wrong, and start thinking of what might go right! I think I’ll borrow that for my blog. Thanks for the Saturday optimism!

  2. I found your blog through the post on Phylor’s blog. I love your creativity in the posts! How do you get all the interesting fonts and graphics?
    It’s so uplifting, there’s much to be joyful for even if we are living with a chronic condition. thanks for the colorful reminder!
    judy Westerfield & Max

    1. Hi Judy and Max,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. For this particular post, these are all pictures from the We Heart It web site. The link to it is at the very top of the page.

      For other posts, I just searched for what I was looking for. There are free and easy programs and web sites if you want to create your own. I’ve done that to make screensavers for myself or to send pictures as jokes to other people. But, I have to admit, I really like discovering what others have done.

      Have a great Sunday.


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