Take A Few Minutes And Relax To The Sounds Of Nature

(Psychtoon from Selfhelpmagazine.com)

(Cartoonist is Randy Glasbergen)

Stress is something that we all have to deal with.

For those of us dealing with chronic illness (and even if you don’t have a chronic illness), stress is a regular part of our lives. It affects us in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s good but, usually it’s bad. And when it’s bad, it can exacerbate a situation or our health. We need to have ways to reduce our stress.

I found a web site that I wanted to share with you. It’s called Nature Sounds and I’ve been listening to it for the last hour. Right now I’m beside the crackling fireplace in my beach house listening to the surf, rain fall and crickets and I’m finding it wonderfully relaxing.

It has a variety of nature and animal sounds and, because different things soothe our souls, there’s also children giggling, wind chimes and if this makes you happy, Darth Vader breathing. Again, whatever soothes your soul. You have up to four channels to create a combination of sounds and a volume control for each sound.

I hope, the next time you need stress relief and want to tune out the world for a few minutes or a few hours, make yourself something soothing to drink and enjoy some sounds of nature.



  1. I’m going to visit the site. I used to have one of those sound machines that produced nature sounds.
    I have a CD filled with bird sounds that I listen too as background music for the relaxing feeling I get from it.
    Thanks for sharing the link.

      1. I must admit, I keep forgetting to listen! My sincere and true apologies. I really wish I could do something about my memory issues.

  2. CDs on hypnotic healing that Judith sent to me. I kept forgetting to listen to them. I did finally listen to one last night, and it is a very interesting process.
    Judith could explain it better — having trouble with words this week.

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