Wacky Wednesday – Random Stuff

Today’s Wacky Wednesday is links to things I found a bit wacky.

There is something for everyone, apparently, on the internet as this link to weird auction listings proves.

There is a web site that sells home-made items called Etsy, which begat the web site Regretsy who, according to their FAQ page, “is the fail blog of hand crafts”. Short on time? Here’s a slide show from Business Insider that highlights some of the, shall we say, more unique offerings from Etsy.

(Image from Business Insider)

Do you have a run of the mill bed? Why, when you can have a suspended bed? Check out this post from Babble.com and see a variety of suspended beds.

(Images from Babble.com)

I was weirdly mesmerized by this video of Jello that was dropped onto a solid surface. If you like watching flames dancing, you may like Jello moving and grooving.


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