ABCs Of Disability – The Letter G

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I haven’t really done much posting lately about disability or chronic illness. Part of it is not being on the computer as much since I fell last month. I was at the doctor’s on Friday and I’m having x-rays done on my ankle and wrist to make sure nothing was broken. My ankle keeps getting better but my right wrist has only healed to a point. And, of course, I am right-handed. So, I’ll go get the x-rays done and see if I have something like a hairline fracture.

But, mostly, I think it’s because “Spring Has Sprung”. Finally! The temperatures have been warming up, finally going into double-digit (Celsius) numbers. As of this writing, it looks like we’ll be going two (2) whole days with no rain! April has been wet and cold. And did I mention wet and cold? Now, I either don’t have to wear a coat or only my raincoat. We can go out and play! Attitudes are changing and good moods are coming back.

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Allergies have been kicking into high gear for those of us who suffer, but that’s OK because it means green and growth. Grass is growing, buds are on the trees, birds are chirping and the leaves of the perennials have been sprouting from the ground. Tulips have already bloomed. Others flowers will be in the next week or two.

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So, I’ve been thinking of different “G” words lately. Growth, green, good and good enough. Spring is here so there is growth and green all around.  At times I’ve been feeling good, or at the very least, good enough most days to enjoy everything changing from dreary to sunny. And sometimes being good enough is very good indeed.

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Spring is here!


2 Replies to “ABCs Of Disability – The Letter G”

  1. Yay for feeling Good Enough!! Isn’t it grand? There are so many times when feeling good enough is just a dream.

    I hope your wrist is just taking it’s on sweet time healing. Sending good thoughts your way, hoping there is nothing major wrong.

    A couple of weeks after my wedding I dislocated my thumb and had a small hairline fracture. (Such a stupid thing I did. I sat on it. Yes, I’m serious. I put my hand behind me to guide me down to the floor, and slipped…snap!) It took a long time to heal. 6 weeks in a cast, then lot’s of exercises. Now it’s good as new. Hope you don’t have to go through as much healing time as I did, but hope the outcome is as good!!

    Happy Spring my friend!



    1. It’s seems to always be the stupid things that trip us up. I fell because the edge of my sole somehow managed to be at the exact spot where the concrete sidewalk met with inlaid bricks in the sidewalk. There is just a little bit of a lip where I put my foot and down I went. Oh, well. At least I was with someone and was only a block from home.

      I hope you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour with the yard. Spring brings out the wanna be gardener but we only have a small yard. We have a few things planted but the house is right on the corner of two streets and people cut through the yard, a few dogs leave little deposits when the owners see no one is around and we can’t leave planters or hanging plants because people come home from the bars and walk away with them. Oh, well. One of the “joys” of living downtown.


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