4 Replies to “Hot Dudes With Kittens”

  1. Oh the shoes! Look at all the shoes! (yes, I have a weakness for shoes. Not that you’d know it by looking in my closet, but…I have restraint. Except I do have 6 pairs of Converse…well, 2 are knock offs but they are the same style.)

    Oh, there were Hot dudes and kittens in the picture too? not sure I noticed. (yeah, right!)


    1. I hear you on the shoes. I used to work beside a mall that had a Payless. I never bought so many shoes in my life. Or had so much fun buying shoes.

      My favourite part of the video (did you get past the picture to see the video?) is where they put the faces of Johnny Depp and George Clooney on the faces of two cats. I was in heaven.



      1. OK, I watched the whole video! LMAO!

        You know I am extreme Johnny Depp fan, so I had to go back and look at the whole thing.
        *sighing right along with you*

        I love the man dancing on the kitties nose, and when they showed the kitties with Burt Reynolds old centerfold! Oh, how many years ago was that? I think he may have been the first man I saw nude. (of course, he really didn’t show anything, but I was like 9 or 10, so it was a big deal for me.)


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