ABCs Of Me – The Positive Side Of Chronic Illness

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My mother would often say “There are days…and then there. are. days.“! We have all experienced, and continue to experience, the sometimes very negative side of living with a chronic illness. However, as with most things, there is a positive side to chronic illness as well.  We learn some hard-earned lessons, we adapt to our changed lives and we find some little treasures to hold and cherish.

It took a while to get this list done. I’ve been in a down frame of mind lately but it’s always good to think of some of the positives that are part of my life.

And, here’s the link to the vent-fest called The Negative Side Of Chronic Illness. (One of the positives of chronic illness: v for venting.)

a – appreciating things more – I know I could “stop and smell the roses” before I got sick. Now, it’s all the smaller things that I’m really noticing now that I can’t work and I can see different things during the day.

b – blogging – There is nothing like knowing that others understand what we are going through not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

c – credit card – It’s so easy to buy something now and I don’t have a physically stressful experience having to go out and get something I need.

d – daydreaming –  I have more time to do it.

e – exercise bike – Some days I can’t go outside (weather) or if I’m getting back on my feet after having a cold or a bad balance spell, it’s a great way to start exercising again.

f – fans – I have a box fan in my window and an oscillating fan on my desk. We don’t have air conditioning so they help keep me cool.

g – games (online games, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles) – I find them relaxing and some make me think a bit. Use it or lose it.

h – HOT GUYS! – There’s always time to take a look at a hot guy or few, especially now that it’s summer and the heat wave is here. Or, like the firefighter who was entering the grocery store just as I was leaving it. Man in uniform…need I say more?

i – internet – I can get lost exploring different subjects.

j – joking around with people – Silly jokes, old jokes, one-liners, dark humour…jokes help keep us going and brighten our day.

k – kindle for computers–  Although, I am holding out for a great, but cheaper, tablet where I can have colour and propriety doesn’t matter.

l – laptop – For the times when I need to lie down but I can still use a computer

m – music and movies – They can take me away from my illness

n –  never ending  belief – The  never ending belief that things will get better.

o – oatmeal – I never used to eat oatmeal but I started when I was still working and wanted something quick to make. Now, it’s rare when I don’t have it. The day doesn’t start right without my oatmeal. (Do I sound old saying that?:) )

p – pictures of cute animals – We all need some awww moments and that’s what the pictures (and videos) do for me.

q – quiet time – I love laying in bed and listening to what is going on outside the house, especially the weekends.

r – roommates – I’m really lucky I have people who will help me out in various ways when I’m having bad days.

s – sunshine – Just feeling the warmth from the sun helps make me feel better.

t – treats  – Treats come in different forms, not just food (or chocolate…yuummm) but massages, new music, hugs. The list is endless.

u – understanding what it’s like – ‘There is nothing like being able to talk to people IRL who get it.

v – venting – Love it, embrace it, let it help heal the soul and to get things off your chest.

w – wonder  – Still being able to find the wonder in things, especially while going through a rough time.

x – x marks the spot – Finding those little treasures each day, just like on a pirate’s map.

y – YouTube – Lots of interesting finds, lessons, humour, and more cute animals and kids.

z – zippers – Much less hassle than buttons. Actually, most of my tops are tank tops and I’ve started accumulating some bottoms with elasticized waists again. Because they never went out of fashion, right? 🙂



  1. I love your positive abcs and will no doubt shamelessly borrow the idea (giving you first credit, of course.
    You’re so right; we need to try and think of the positives; if we dwell only on the negatives, we wither, get bitter, lose hope, lose our selves. Being positive, even when you don’t feel that way, moves you forward. Of course, being a Pollyana is going a bit too far, and we shouldn’t hide our pain or fears. But we shoud embrace what we CAN DO, and not what we did in the past and can not longer do. Thanks for this post.

  2. Shamelessly borrow away and have fun with it.

    Yes, it’s all about finding some sort of balance, isn’t it? Like I said, this one took longer to do. I just stopped looking at it for a while and when I came back to it, I was able to start filling in the blanks. At some point we have to embrace the negative and find ways to help ourselves move forward.

  3. Glad you did this. As you know from reading my blog recently, I’ve been having a pity party.
    But I’m feeling better, back in my…OK, life is still good, not what I expected, so I just need to change my expectations a bit. That doesn’t mean accepting feeling like shit all the time.

    As you said, embracing the negative, and finding ways to help myself….moving forward.

    These dang headaches, are giving me a fit. It’s hard to be really positive, when you want to cut your head off for the relief. But relief will come, I’m sure.

    Thank you for all the support you always give me. I wish I knew some people who really understood, IRL. But having people like you on line, mean the world to me.


    1. You are such a sweetheart. I’m glad you starting to feel better. Sometimes we need a little pity party. Too bad the food and drink still have calories or else I’d be having more parties. 😉

      I hope those headaches go away soon, too. Have you made an appointment with the doctor or do you still have to wait a bit to see if they go away? Headaches can be draining to begin with, I hope you don’t have to wait long.

  4. Still have to wait a little longer. Stuart will be talking with Dr. Gray tomorrow. I never knew tinnitus could be this loud! Doing an experiment today, trying to stay as flat as possible to see if it helps my head. I did have one bad one start, took meds and it went away, hasn’t come back, we’ll see.

    Thank you again, my friend.

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