Multiple Sclerosis And Synchronized Swimming

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I saw a 10 minute documentary today called Aquadettes. It’s by Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari and is found on the website California is a place.

The documentary is named after a synchronized swimming team made up of elderly women who use it as a form of exercise, to help with mobility and for friendship. The film focuses on one of the swimmers, Margo Bouer who is battling Multiple Sclerosis, while showing the women practicing their swimming (with the sweetness factor starting at 6:48 when they practice their pool-side glamour poses).

Margo is 75 years old and she talks about having Multiple Sclerosis and its effects, how medical marijuana has helped her live and doing what she can to be as independent and as positive as possible while wondering what the future will hold. Something many of us with chronic illness can relate to.



  1. This is so sweet. I just don’t understand why medical marijuana isn’t available in more places. It could be monitored like any drug. We can get morphine, and cocaine as a prescription drug, but we can’t get marijuana. That just doesn’t make sense to me.

    All I can say about these ladies (especially Margo), is “You Go Girls!!”


    1. I don’t understand either. I never smoked the stuff (not a fan of the smell), but I also don’t smoke or like cigarettes. What’s the worst that’s going to happen? People dealing with chronic or life-ending illnesses start feeling better and munchie mahem erupts. Stores beware…relaxed, happy people are coming to spend money. Hide granny and the kids.

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