Weepy Wednesday – Something Awesome That May Make You Cry

(Image via photobucket.com)

This is a video I found this morning on the blog Miss Cellania. It may have you tearing up by the end, especially if you are even the slightest bit of a romantic.

Shawn and Colleen are engaged and what they eventually “planned” was to sneak away to Vegas, elope and have a BBQ the following weekend and surprise everyone with the happy news.  Shawn, however had a different plan in mind to surprise his beloved.

His plan? “Operation White Cake”!

The year before, Shawn started asking Colleen “Hey, if we were to get married what kind of…” type of questions. He found out what she would like and planned the whole wedding according to what she said! He even brought all their bedroom furniture to where they were getting married so that she could get changed in familiar surroundings with everything she would need.

Colleen had no idea!

The 9 minute video is a heartwarming way to start your day. I had a bit of a problem viewing the video as it would start and stop. All I had to do was change the settings on the bottom of the video from 360p to 240p and it worked fine.

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