What’s I’ve Been Doing Lately

Not that much, as it turns out. The changes in weather this spring and summer have me feeling worse. Hot and humid… cool and rainy… warm and sunny… sometimes all three happen in the same week.  Even had a few vertigo attacks, mostly when I was taking a walk. Freaky scary as vertigo is something that only rarely happens to me. Usually it’s disequilibrium.

I also started my fall cleaning/reorganizing early. Or maybe I’ve started my spring cleaning a bit late. Anyway, I’ve got a bag of clothes to give away and I’ll be looking through my books to see what I can give away. I’ve also been getting into those areas where I don’t get to that often and I’m finding that the dust bunnies have gathered to mock my cleaning plans, have fabulous dinner parties and reproduce, well, like bunnies.

Although they’re not this bad. Really. But still something that’s bothering my allergies which, in turn, bothers my ears.

And for fun and excitement tonight, I rolled a bunch of loose change. Because my life is filled with exciting things like rolling coins. I do this every couple of years and take it to the bank. I’ve got a nice little sum. All I have to do now is decide whether to put it all in the bank or keep some out and treat myself. I always have a running list of things I’d like to get and can get off the internet. But, sometimes it’s great to go to some stores I haven’t been to in a long time and do some shopping. Which is what I’ve decided to do as I was typing this paragraph.

I’m going through my pile of magazines, finally finished a book on Kindle and have started a hardcover. I want to read more of the books that I keep saying I’ll read. Looking at my shelf there is probably about 10 I need to give away, some still waiting to be read.

I started drawing this week by doing a bit of a doodling journal. Basic chronic illness stuff, what’s happening and what I’m doing about it.

And, before I forget, I’m now on Google+ as of today. It’s still in beta but if you want to try it, let me know and I’ll send you the link that got me to the sign-up page as I don’t know if the invite would work. (The one person I thought would try it while it’s still in Beta, I sent him an invite. He said he’s not sure if he wants to try it yet.)  Google has a profile name policy that they are following right now. When you set your profile up, you will be using your first and last name.  This is what they have at the bottom of the page:

We understand that your identity on Google+ is important to you, and our Name Policy may not be for everyone at this time.

I’d like to set up a separate profile using my blog name as I know a lot of people who blog don’t use their names or only a first name. Most of the people I know, don’t know I have a blog. I kept it that way if I want to vent about them or things that are happening.  Even though I know there are the circles (groups of different people where they only see what you want them to see), I’d still like a separate profile to use with the blog and not have to worry about an oopsie. I’ll see what happens when they open it up to the public.

So, that’s been my “summer vacation”. Fall, my favourite time of the year, is starting to creep up on us. A lot of us have gone through a tough patch lately. Hopefully, the new season will find us feeling better.


6 Replies to “What’s I’ve Been Doing Lately”

  1. I have many of the same dilemmas, including google+. I was able to get in and register, but under my “real” not virtual name. I want to go back and create a second account (like I finally did with facebook). None of my real world friends or family know that I blog (hubby knows I do stuff on line with various chronic illness communities, but he doesn’t realize I blog too). Like you, I prefer to rant using my “other” name!
    Love the dust bunny picture. Hubby is good about most things domestic (laundry, floors, dishes, etc.) but he doesn’t seem to notice dust. On one hand, that’s good because the house attracts dust like wasps to a can of soda, but on the other, when I’ve been away for months, the buildup can be substantial!
    I agree with Judy; I’ve love to see your doodles! Great that you are putting a priority on creativity! Creativity is my current mantra.


    1. I’m not a big fan of Facebook. I use it for a few groups I’ve liked but that’s about it. If someone in real life asks if I have a page, I say no. I guess we’ll just have to be patient about setting up a second account. They’re pretty specific right now about using your real name, but I’m still going to try and see if I can find out when I can do it. I’m going to start playing with it, update videos or stories I find, that kind of thing so I’m used to it when I create the new profile.


  2. I’m on Google + Haven’t looked at it much, but I don’t really like facebook…where all my friends seem to hang out.
    My friends know about my blog, but most never look at it. Neither do my family…so I can bitch…uh vent, about them if I want. Of course, if they do read it..well, good! nah!

    yeah, still working on the anger issues. find me on Google + or FB if you want. under my name, or 1artsychick.

    I decided to start a new blog…I know…what am I thinking? But it’s all about my creating. I thought it might get a bit boring for some people on my regular blog to keep seeing my art therapy….and that’s really what I’m using it for.

    drop by if you’d like. http://createtoheal.blogspot.com

    I’d love to see your doodles too.
    hope it’s helping.


  3. Anger can be a good thing. Don’t keep it bottled up inside.

    Subscribed to the RSS feed for your new blog. It looks great!

    And since you asked for it, I’m going to go find you on Google+. Bwahahahaha!
    (I think I’m finally getting into this 21st century stuff.)


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