It’s Link Time

I can’t believe it’s the middle of September! Although this is the first week in a while that I haven’t “lost” any days, my brain is still stuck in brain fog mode.

I know many of you understand. 🙂

So I thought I would do a post with some links that you may find helpful from a website I regularly look at called Lifehacker. Their aim is to give you “tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done”.  The following links are either Lifehacker posts or I link directly to the website named in their posts.

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When you know you will be without your water supply at home, due to repairs or an imminent disaster, what do you do? Fill the sinks and tubs with water is what I’ve always done. You now have another way to store water for the short-term. DIY emergency water storage tanks.

(Image via Squawkfox)

Snacks! We love them, but the ones we love aren’t always the healthiest. Squawkfox, who believes in “making frugal living sexy, delicious, and fun“, has a post on making a healthier and cheaper alternative to Lunchables.

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Are you using a laptop? Many of us do. A fear we all probably share is losing it or the laptop being stolen. Here’s a post from Doug, who uses an open source program called Prey, that helped him and the police track down his stolen MacBook. 

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Many of us with chronic illnesses are housebound. Many of us also deal with S.A.D., otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, during the winter months. This post has a few tips to hopefully help you avoid some of the effects of S.A.D.

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If hard water is leaving your drinking glasses are dull and cloudy, vinegar can take care of that problem.

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There are a few tricks to opening a jar. A new one I learned is using a tennis ball that has been cut in half. The inside has rubber that will grip the lid while the outside makes it easier for us to grip.

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I read this post on making your own rainfall shower head using a cd spindle. The thinking is that before you buy an expensive shower head, your diy model would save you money if you decide this is not the type of  shower head for you. It’s only a shower head, how expensive could it be, thought I.  I did a quick search and Nextag brought up 30 comparison results. There was only one result on a page of thirty that was priced under $100. Twelve were under $200 and the rest ranged from $325 to over $600. And now I know why they used the word expensive.

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