A Circle Of Caring – A Ted Video

(Image via vsetchennai.blogspot.com)

Cartoonist Jok Church is the creator of You Can with Beakman & Jax  and he created the CBS television series Beakman’s World based on the comic strip.

Jok gave a short talk at Ted in 2007 about a circle of caring between him and his teacher, Mrs. Posten. The circle started in Ohio when he was, as he calls himself, “the class queer” who was beaten each week in the boys room. For three years, Mrs. Posten would secretly let Jok use the  bathroom in the teachers’ lounge. The circle ended when, shortly before she died of pancreatic cancer, Mrs. Posten asked him to come back to Ohio so that they could have the chance to get to know each other as adults. Something that didn’t happen because Jok left Ohio as soon as he could.

His talk is about 3 minutes long but it is a moving and powerful example of what happens when we care.

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