Do You Know What “Text Neck” Is?

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Happy Monday everyone. Hope you’re not in pain due to hunching over your beloved phones and computers when you’re typing and texting.  “Text neck” is a repetitive strain injury that we can be afflicted with if we use our smartphones and computing devices too much. This article from The Telegraph starts with this sobering sentence:

The affliction, caused by flexing the neck for extended periods of time, can be a forerunner of permanent arthritic damage if it goes without treatment.

The article talks about how “text neck” is caused by the neck being flexed for a prolonged period of time, what could physically happen and some stretching advice. So, sit up straight, have a read (and some coffee if it will help) and then take a stretch break.

Because, we’re already dealing with enough stuff where are bodies are concerned. We don’t need to add anything extra to the mix.



  1. This does not surprise me one little bit!
    But that is why I stretch often, take relaxing baths with Epsom salts, and get regular massages.
    I can I afford a massage so often? First we found a very affordable place, and I find if I go more often I go to the regular doctor less, and take less meds…so the cost is about the same…and I no longer have to have hip surgery…at least not for now…and that’s worth a ton to me!
    (I get a 90 min massage for about $66 USD) I buy a package of 3 at a time. Sometimes they even have packages for less! I’m so glad I found this place. Most places around here are about $70+ for 60mins!)

    oh, it’s late, I’m rambling again.

    need to stretch.

    1. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me. I always said that a massage would be one of the first things I would get when I got on disability. I STILL have not gone for one. There always seems to be something I want more or I’m saving some money to buy something later on.

      Those are great prices and the benefits are wonderful, especially if you able to delay, and hopefully prevent, the hip surgery.

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