Funny Cats And Dogs

Since yesterday’s post was of the serious variety, I thought today’s post should have a much lighter feel. Enjoy.

(Image via

(Image via

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    1. I grew up with cats and our sofas usually had three cushions. The cats would always lie on the middle cushion when they wanted to stretch out. Basically, they would just take over the sofa and act like it was theirs and only theirs. We humans got the chairs, floor, or if we were deemed acceptable, a small area at the end of the sofa.

  1. Our cat looks a lot like the SUP cat….but less white…and probably larger. Max, had huge feet (he’s a polydact and has many toes.) He also weighs about 18 pounds…so when he stretches out he can actually reach from one side of our King Size bed to the other. Luckily, Max is normally a curl-up kitty!

    In the photo “Hey You in There” I swear that man is my father…about 10 years ago…but still, my dad….can’t figure out where he is, and the only time I see him in a dress shirt is because of a funeral or wedding…hummmm. perhaps his doppelganger. but without seeing the nose…who knows. (my dad does have a honker…so glad I didn’t inherit his nose! One of the reasons I didn’t have kids…didn’t want them to have that nose! hehehe.

    thanks for the smiles.

  2. I’m pretty sure cats long ago realizing that many people are reduced to quivering, babbling puddles of mush when they deign to acknowledge us. In turn, they have taken over the world. Or bed. Or sofa. Whatever they want at that moment. 🙂

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