NHBPM – My TV Show

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Today’s prompt for NHBPM is My TV Show where my blog is turned into a TV show and I get to co-write it!

I started my blog because I wanted to connect with other people like me who have a chronic illness, specifically balance and dizziness problems caused by our ears. There are so many like me but we live in different cities and countries that the only way to “meet” is through the internet. I didn’t restrict the connections to people with inner ear disorders either. There are so many people living with chronic illnesses. I would read and leave comments on some of their blogs as well. There is nothing like being able to talk to people who understand the ups and downs of living with a chronic illness. A family of online friends is created when we reach out to each other.

The show I’m creating is a heartwarming drama called HEALING DREAMS. The first episode would show me meeting a stranger who gives me a gift of a magic healing wand. The wand allows you to travel to different places and heal people of their chronic illnesses.

(Image of magic wand via ~mciguu on deviantART.com)

This stranger tells me that he once had a chronic illness and is now cured thanks to the magic healing wand. He cures me and I now have excellent health.  In order for the magic wand to continue healing people and having their dreams become reality, I use the magic healing wand to go to people I know with chronic illnesses and heal them. When I have healed the people I know, I may continue by healing strangers or I could start living my dreams. When I am ready to pass the wand to another person, I am to reach out to someone whom I don’t know. This person would also have a chronic illness. I heal the person and give the same instructions that I was so that the healing continues.

Each episode would be me visiting one person and follow the same outline:

  • introduce the next person to be healed and let them know what is about to happen to them,
  • find out a bit about the person’s past,
  • what illnesses they have,
  • how the illnesses have affected them and their loved ones,
  • what dreams the friend wants to follow after becoming healthy,
  • watching them transform as they are healed and live their life and their dreams and
  • end each episode with information about the different illnesses and
  • how you can support friends and family who have the same illnesses.

All becomes possible on HEALTHY DREAMS.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J



  1. What a wonderful concept, and a wonderful dream.
    You have such a great way of telling a story, I could see you writing for a TV show! : )
    or book
    or screen play…
    So glad you share this gift with us.

    1. Thanks…you’re making me blush. I think I would need a ghost writer though. Unless you see this idea somewhere, then let me know. I’ll get my people to “work out” some sort of payment plan and we could all get together and have a great time.

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