NHBPM – Sunday Quotes – Never Apologize

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Happy Sunday everyone. If you are visiting because I am participating in the WEGO Health blog challenge, welcome. Each Sunday I post quotes from different people or about a specific subject. Today’s Sunday Quotes is a bit different. As opposed to picking a few different quotes, I’m giving you links to two posts.

I recently found a document I had called “24 THINGS A SISTA SHOULD NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR “. It is obviously meant for women but it had me thinking – there has to be a list for everyone. And I found a list on the blog HELLO, my name is BLOG! by Scott Ginsberg. He divided them among two posts, part 1 here and part 2 here, because he has 79 things we should never apologize for! Below is a small sample. Check out his two posts and see if you agree with them.

Never apologize for all the tears you’ve cried. Crying cleanses the soul. Shoot for once a month. Even if it’s just a brief mist at a tender moment in a sad movie.

Never apologize for asserting yourself. The word “assert” comes from the Latin asserere, which means, “to claim, maintain or affirm.” And that’s exactly what you’re entitled to: Your opinion. Your belief. Your say. Let nobody take it away from you.

Never apologize for being smart. That’s the ONE thing the government, the media (and every other entity that’s trying to control you) is terrified of: Smart people who take action. Be one of those people.

Never apologize for calling bullshit on someone. Especially when nobody else is the room is going to do it and this person REALLY needs to be taken to task.

Never apologize for demanding respect. If you’ve demonstrated that you deserve respect by giving it to others first, you’re good to go.

Never apologize for lack of information. Ignorance is acceptable. Staying ignorant, however, is stupid.

Never apologize for looking out for yourself. Self-preservation is a primary driver of human behavior. It’s how we’re wired.

Never apologize for occasional absentmindedness. Everyone’s brain farts.

Never apologize for reclaiming what is rightfully yours. There’s a difference between entitlement and basic human rights.

Never apologize for saying no. Especially when you’re doing so to reinforce your boundaries and create a space for the right “yes” to come into your life.

Never apologize for your boundaries. They are limits that promote integrity. And if you don’t set them for yourself, others will set them for you.

Never apologize for your faith. You’re entitled to your own definition of God. Just promise not to beat people over the head with it.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J



  1. Love the last one..”never apologize for your faith….Just promise not to beat people over the head with it” (I have trouble with people trying to do the later to me.)

    And I have problems with the first one…i cry way too easily…every day, at least once, I’ll tear up…and often have a full blown boo hoo!
    I wish I wasn’t so emotional. Stuart says I’m just caring, but I recently cried in the grocery store because I couldn’t find anything I could eat. (I was looking for a frozen dinner, what we call an emergency meal, for those times when we forgot to plan, I’m hungry, and nothing is available. All I could find had onions in them…so I cried. Not a lot, but how silly.

    I love your quotable Sundays.

    1. A few months after I got sick, I started to watch Oprah each day. Back then, about every 2 weeks, she would have what I called a “weepy show”. Something that was really emotional and would make me tear up and cry. I found it great to watch because I would feel the anxiety and pressure start to build, emotionally and physically, I would watch the show and have a good cry and let it all out. It happens when it happens, whether it’s watching a tv show or whether something triggers it at the grocery store.

      But, for the record, when I’m watching a movie with someone and I tear up at the end, I pretend I have something in my eye and successfully wipe the tear away. Reeeaaally. Every time. 🙂

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