NHBPM – Let It Be – Asking The Question “Why Me?”

(Image via ashikcusat.blogspot.com)

Today’s prompt we get to let it be. Whatever may be bothering us, let it go. Talk out the letting go process and how you’re going to be better to yourself for it.

One of the benefits of having a blog is, when you need to let it out and talk it through, you write it out and click on publish. There is nothing going on now that I have to work through, so I went looking through earlier posts to see what I could find that would suit today’s prompt. Not surprisingly, as a person with an invisible chronic illness, I found one.

The post I chose is The ABCs of Disability – The Letter W. The “W” is for the word “Why”, as in “Why Me”. I wrote about it because I believe it is a legitimate question to ask not only ourselves but the professionals looking after us.

And I couldn’t help it, if you would like some music to listen to while you read the post, Let It Be by The Beatles.


This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J



  1. I must admit sometimes I do wonder Why Me?
    Not just for the Meniere’s and everything I’m going through now, but because of the abuse I endured, the cancer as a child, being sick so much growing up, losing my mother….Why?

    Then I think, if not me who?
    Who would I wish this on?
    If someone has to endure this, why not me?
    Many people endure hardships, why should I be different?

    I would love to be free. Wouldn’t we all?
    But for now, I’ll just let it be. and carry on.


    1. I know that whatever hardships we endure make us who we are. I just wish we didn’t have to go through such hardships to get there. I’ve never been one to go “why not me” (Is that a Buddhist teaching, I know I’ve seen it before), but I’ve always said I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, either. So, I’ll be right there with you on letting it be and carrying on.

      I vote for letting it be happen on a beach…in the middle of winter. But, I’m always open to suggestions.

      1. I have no idea if it’s a Buddhist teaching or not. It’s just hit me lately when people say, “You don’t deserve this.” They tell me I will get better because I don’t deserve it…who does?

        and some days, just letting it be and carrying on…is much harder than others.

        ah…a beach….a warm beach in the middle of winter…that would be nice. I’ll meet you there!

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