NHBPM – AM I WHAT? The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Been Asked

(Image by Andrew Dyson via drive.com.au)


That’s my answer to today’s prompt that asks what the most ridiculous thing was that I heard about my health or condition.

Yes, someone actually asked me that question when I first tried going back to work. I can’t even fathom why someone would think that, let alone ask the question. Maybe, when she was growing up, it’s what women in her family and their social circle first thought if someone got sick and there was no clear cause. Although it being a bad flu season should have been the elephant in the room that couldn’t be ignored. Seriously, how do you ignore that it was one of the worst flu seasons in a long time and that so many people were getting sick?

Maybe it was because she watched a lot of soap operas. I don’t know how the soaps do the “subtle hint” now. Back in the 70s and 80s when I watched them, when a single woman on a soap became pregnant, she usually started feeling sick and sometimes fainted. Me, I almost fainted at work and then got sick. See the correlation?

Help a girl out, I’m really trying to imagine why in the 21st century, someone’s first thought was to fall back on the pregnancy idea. But, that’s what happened. Don’t know why, can’t figure it out, not going to hurt my brain trying to figure it out.

But, no, I was not pregnant.

Some days you can only shake your head in disbelief and laugh.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J



  1. I’ve been asked that too…but by Doctors!
    At least 2, have asked, are you sure you’re not pregnant?

    I said, yes, are you asking because you think it is a cause, or because of a test or medication you want to give me.

    They were looking for a cause! Yes, I’ve been sick for years…so this is the longest pregnancy in history. Since when does pregnancy cause Vertigo?

    Actually I was asked that often when they were trying to find out about the fructose problem. I was sick every day, and gaining weight…I can see that one…but come on, I wasn’t throwing up, it was the other way. And I’m 48 years old, I think I would have noticed if I missed my period…many months in a row.

    (oh, not about my health, a colleague at work was looking at my wedding pictures and asked if we had to get married! I was not overweight…well maybe a couple of pounds, but you should see my wedding pictures…NO, NO. NO! and HOW RUDE!!)

    My aunt asked the same thing, but was laughing and pointing as Stuart’s tummy, it was funny, especially since she had cancer and was very frail at the time…but still cracking jokes. What a woman.

  2. Well, elephants do have a gestation period of 21 – 22 months.

    I think the only time I was asked and tested was the day I almost fainted. I was on Depo Provera at the time and when I told my doctor I had been tested, she just laughed. What the doctors kept thinking and testing me for was thyroid problems but the tests kept coming back fine.

    Although, years ago I worked with someone who was pregnant and still had her period. She had quit smoking and thought the weight gain had to do with the extra eating she was doing. One day she had pain that wouldn’t go away, went to the hospital and… SURPRISE! One of the women we worked with asked her doctor if that could happen. Her own doctor said she saw 8 or 9 women a year who didn’t know they were pregnant because they still had a period.

    How great your aunt kept her sense of humour. People like her are truly inspirational.

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