NHBPM – 3 Things I Love About Me

(Image via charlottesfancy.com)

Today’s is the last day of the NHBPM challenge. Our last prompt reminds us that we are awesome and to write three things we love about ourselves, are great at or just want to share.

Number One

I’ve kept my sense of humour. Having an invisible chronic illness can certainly take away a lot of the fun we used to have but I’ve managed to hang on to my humour. It’s has grown a little darker and a bit more twisted (in a good way) but when you are dealing with a chronic illness, a sense of humour is a lifesaver.

Number Two

I keep my mind going even though I have brain fog sometimes. Brain fog – another gift courtesy of your chronic illness, menopause and getting older. I have a variety of websites bookmarked that I check out on a regular basis. I don’t read all the articles but if something catches my eye, it’s usually a good read and makes me think and become more informed.

Number Three

I did it! I did the NHBPM Challenge. Even though I didn’t do each prompt I was able to post for all 30 days. It still amazes me that people make a living at writing every day, have so much to say and can come up with new things to write and discuss. I am in awe.

This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: http://bit.ly/vU0g9J