Do You Want To Get Drunk With Some Gummi Bears Next Weekend?

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OK, a little background. It’s first thing in the morning, I’m slowly waking up and waiting for my oatmeal to finish absorbing the water. I’m checking my Twitter feed and this is the first Tweet I read:

If you start now, you might be able to have alcoholic gummy bears by sunday night

So, what else am I to do but immediately find out how we could all be drunk because of gummi bears. The oatmeal can wait. It’s an incredibly easy process that starts with taking your children’s gummi bears getting a bottle of vodka and a bag of gummi bears. And maybe some gummi bears for your kids, too. Don’t want the little darlings trying yours. (Unless you’re like my evil parents who let me keep eating rum balls one Christmas when I was a little darling. I was apparently very amusing to watch that night.)

Step 1: Empty a bag of gummi bears into a container.
Step 2: Pour in enough vodka so that the gummis are completely covered—and then some.
Step 3: Cover the container, put it in the fridge, and leave it for 3-5 days.

The scientist-at-heart author of the article taste-tested his gummi bears after 3 days and found that the texture was changing as they were soaking up the alcohol. The alcohol was changing the bears to a firm Jello texture. He put them back in the fridge for 2 more days to complete the absorption process. Below is a picture comparing some regular gummi bears to some alcoohol-infused gummi bears. Check out the article at It has more pictures and, bless his scientific heart, he tried it again and again with some Jameson’s Irish whiskey, Cornelius applejack, and Mansinthe absinthe.

Warning: his bears didn’t travel well on the subway. For some reason they liquified. He doesn’t offer any explanation how this might have happened. I’m guessing they may need to stay refrigerated since they change to a firm Jello texture.

Remember, don’t steal candy from your kids! Get your own and experiment.



  1. WOW! This is the coolest thing since Jello-shots. You know I will try them…and I will pass this on to my kids. (Don’t worry they are 26 and 24)

    1. You guys have to let me know how it goes since I don’t think me and alcohol are the best things to mix together anymore. I can see myself reading blogs and eating all the gummi bears by myself. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you. Have fun!

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