Are You Stressed Yet? Holiday Stress Relieving Tips

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It’s early December and how are you doing? I originally posted this in late September but I know life happens and before you know it, you’re caught up in the storm of holiday stress. So, make yourself a nice, relaxing beverage, read the links that will help you and develop a strategy. It’s not too late to make things easier for yourself.

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Christmas commercials are already on TV! Halloween candy in the grocery stores since the beginning of September! Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa will soon be here! So will a lot of stress if you don’t plan. Have you started preparing for the holiday season or is making plans a quaint idea for another month (or year)? Here’s some ideas to help reduce the stress.

Are the Holidays Over Yet? 
is by A Journey to Joy. Some of the advice given includes:

  • You really don’t have to do it all,
  • Figure out a game plan ahead of time and
  • Delegate

Younger children being surrounded by stressed adults and disrupted routines. Older teens wanting to spend more time with their friends instead of their family. There are many ways your children can also become stressed. Here’s some tips to help lower the stress for your children and teens.

Your animals can get stressed, too!  Some signs that your pet may be stressed are:

  • Eating less or not at all
  • An inclination to stay in hiding
  • Inappropriate chewing, barking, biting, or elimination

While the Arthritis Today article A Holiday Season without Holiday Stress  is for people with chronic illness, everyone will find some great advice in reducing holiday stress.

Crabby kids and adults, unrealistic expectations, family that didn’t show up for dinner, family you wish would stay away…it must be the holidays. Psychology Today has the article Surviving Holiday Hell.

And if you’re still procrastinating looking for more ideas, has more links on their page.



  1. yeah, just not doing it this year.

    funny how much that is stressing me out too.
    no decorations, no planning, no festivities…dang it all, I miss it!

    For once in my life, I’d really like to have a big old fashioned Christmas!

    A couple of years ago, I had a huge Christmas eve dinner…a bunch of friends. a gluten free dinner for 11…and I made almost everything! I was thrilled…then right after dinner everyone left. I didn’t expect that. 1 friend stayed, everyone else left…they had to get ready for the next day…ect.
    I was shell shocked. I’d worked on this meal for days, and it was over in a blink.

    sigh…I still long for a big, old fashioned Christmas. But I won’t have one..probably ever.

    so just saying NO is probably better.

  2. Only 1 person stayed? People amaze me sometimes. I understand it being Christmas Eve, but if it was that bad of a time for them, they should have said “sorry, too busy” or “let’s do it after the holidays”.

    I love the idea of a big, old fashioned Christmas too, but it just wasn’t part of my family’s holiday dna. I actually think it’s not part of a lot of people’s holiday dna, but movies and commercials make it look so great and that adds more stress and expectations for many. We tried doing the large Christmas dinner at my brother’s house for a few years with our family and my sister-in-laws family. It was a nice kind of ok, but that only lasted a few years. We went back to doing it the way it was before.

    Now, it’s pretty relaxed. A few of us at the house sometimes get together, but only if I say I’ll do the cooking. I get tired of being the only one who tries to plan anything so if I don’t say I’ll cook, it doesn’t happen. I’ll make myself something nice or have something delivered, chill and rent a movie that the others wouldn’t want to watch.

    And the bonus is much less stress.

    1. can you tell it’s taking me a while to get to comments?

      Yes, only 1 person stayed…and no one would take any food home because they were all going out of town either that night or the next morning. I was stuck with a ton of food. (many people brought stuff and they didn’t need to!) I made a complete Gluten Free Christmas dinner.
      It was fun, but a let down, so much work and time into a meal to have them here about 2 hours. About the time I could actually enjoy people, sit down and talk or play with the child that was there…everyone left.

      so I probably won’t be doing that again…at least not for those people.

      We had some Christmas dinners with my sister and her in-laws some years when my niece was young. I always felt out of place. And I do not like my sister’s cooking…everything is a casserole, I kept thinking, is there nothing here that isn’t covered and smothered and just gooped up?

      So now I know you are dying to know what my Christmas Dinner Menu was like so:

      Since my husband’s father got married last month, perhaps we can get everyone together next year for a BIG Christmas. her kid and grands, his kids and grands….a whole slew of us!!

      I even think…why should I decorate, who’s going to see it? Then I’ll see other decorations on houses, and wonder what kind of people are inside…if they have more of a “real” Christmas than I do?

      If we were closer, we could have a blast!

      (and if you want to have a Christmas dinner with the house…then you say, Hey why don’t we have Christmas dinner together, I’ll make the ____Turkey, ham…something….what will you bring we’ll need some veggies, desert….
      And if they won’t contribute then the only thing there to eat is the Turkey. hahaha.

      I never have that problem with guests, they like to bring food that I can’t eat, then sit it right beside the rest of the food, and then a spoon gets shared…and uh…I get sick, sick.
      So now I have a Gluten Free table, and a Other table when we have parties.

      and when I go to a party, I eat before hand and bring me a little baggie of snacks.

      Food allergies are hard!
      another post I’ll be making soon, my fight with food, and how I think I’m losing….or rather gaining…way too much!

      merry christmas my dear.

      1. And a Happy HO! HO! HO! to you as well.

        I checked out the link and it looked so good. I’ll probably order something, maybe Chinese on Christmas Day. Because, again, it’s the 17th and nothing has been said by anyone else and I’m tired of it ALWAYS having to be “the female” who has to ask and plan anything. I know there are worse things to bitch about so I’m doing the stress-free thing: not worry what others may or may not be thinking and have something that I’ll enjoy. If you want a nice dinner but won’t speak up, you lose out by expecting the female to always take care of things.

        I think we’d have a blast too. I started cutting out snowflakes one night but they weren’t turning out right. I forgot you have to start with a square piece of paper. I may still do that and hang a few on the windows. But, we’ve had only a sprinkling of snow and I don’t want to jinx things. A green christmas would be great. A green winter would be wonderful, as long as when it rains, nothing freezes. That’s the problem right now is that the temps are staying around the freezing mark.

        OK, I still have a couple more comments to answer. I’ve been listening to music and just sitting here so it’s time to type.

        1. needing to answer comments? I just can’t relate.
          but I really need to post, it’s just my mind has been going in all sorts of directions…I need to focus on one to talk about.

          You are right…have a merry…the way you want.
          Last year we had Chinese…I’m thinking it may be a tradition…


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