George Takei Is Today’s Stress Relief

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Are you a fan of Star Wars,  Star Trek or science fiction? You may have heard there’s a little feud between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher. Thankfully, George Takei had come to us through the wonder of video to help bring peace, clarity and common sense to this whole sordid affair. He also talks about a huge threat to the greatness that is science fiction.

Spoiler alert:


(The threat is those dumb Twilight movies.)



  1. I love George Takai!

    and hate that Twilight crap. And I’m not just saying this without knowing…I did read them all…happy to say I never bought one!!

    I started them when a friend raved about them…and couldn’t stomach how weak the female character is, and how stupid…and how much they just change everything about vamps and were’s to suit their purposes. I got through the third and more. But just recently I felt if I was really going to give it a true review, I had to read it all. So many people said I’d change my mind after the 4th one.
    GAG! What do these books teach teenage girls? Get married and pregnant at 18? It’s no longer..your Prince will come…it’s your Vampire will come to save you…
    So the Cinderella Complex has turned to the Bella Complex.

    oh….I’ll hush now.
    I’ll try to hook up my hearing aid and listen to George’s video…right now I’m just snippy about Twilight. {{shudder}}


  2. But…but…they SPARKLE!!!!!! *swoooooonn*

    Haven’t read the books, don’t want to see the movies. One of the guys here thought I might want to rent one of the movies when it came out and I went uh…NO! And I’ll send you a link as to why I won’t.

    I sent him this really interesting post and she has some great links as well that show how it’s actually an abusive relationship. Bonus: one of the links in the post is to a Buffy vs sparkle-boy mash-up video that is cc so you don’t need the hearing aid. Kinda funny, but shows how stupid his words are and how Bella should have responded Buffy-style.

    1. Ahhhhhhhaahahahaaha!

      I just read the post you sent me to, and watched both videos.

      Go Buffy! You are one Bad Ass! I howled when she told him…”what are you 12?” and told him she was bored!

      and yes, the whole message is, does my boyfriend like me?
      My obsessive, mentally abusive, mind game playing, sparkly boyfriend!

      and for all the mothers who were so woo hoo thinking this series was the best beccause of NO SEX…uhhh, what do you say now? beware my child if you have sex…even with a DEAD MAN you will get pregnant!

      how sick! It’s just a very sick, sick series.
      just so very, very glad I never bought one or went to one movie!

      But I do love Star Trek (all of them….even the bad one… to a point, they really tried way to hard to make Scott Bakula into Shatner – keep it in your pants boy!.) And Star Wars…well the original 3…the prequels, were strange….but all of these were better, and had a better message than Twilight. Even JarJar had more merit than Team Edward!

      There really does need to be more young adult books that have strong kick ass female protagonists! Rachel Caine has done a decent job with The Morganville Vampire series….no it’s not abstinence, but they wait until she’s 18! And it’s her boyfriend who insist on waiting…and they are Both human!! (they do have a vampire room mate….I actually like the series, it started to get a little stale, but Caine surprised me with the last one. She also writes an adult series I like.

      I’m rambling.
      how unusual!

  3. What is this “rambling” you speak of? tee hee.

    I have to admit, of the movies, it’s Star Trek for me. I’ll even watch some of the tv shows because they are still played on the Space channel here. Stargate SG-1 is another I can watch, which also has a kick-ass and brilliant female as one one the main characters. Need more of those.

    1. I agree, we do need more of those!
      I just watched the Firefly series…Serenity..the from that.
      All the female characters in that are KICK ASS!! I sit and dream of being one. : )
      There are 9 main characters, and 4 are women.
      It’s a great show. (too bad it only lasted 1 season..just 14 shows. sigh) but there was such an out-cry when it was canceled that they made a movie. the movie is great alone. if you get the chance you should check it out.

      SG-1 Yes! Not only do I love Sam…but Richard Dean Anderson…sigh again. I remember when I was a kid I told my mom I wanted to marry MacGyver, she mentioned the actor…I said no…I mean the character, I want a man like MacGyver…Smart, sexy (minus the mullet), brave, resourceful, and really into the environment.
      Now I’d think…I don’t want to marry MacGyver…I want to be a female MacGyver…
      all for kick ass female characters!

      (after all the poo poo Twilight talk…I watched me some Buffy the other night! hahaha_

  4. I loved watching MacGyver when I was a kid. And to think MacGyver is now also a verb. Who knew back then. And yes, the mullet can go. The eighties…what were we thinking?

    I might watch Kill Bill tonight. Don’t get on the bad side of an assassin and certainly don’t take her baby from her. Though, I just checked the tv guide and Storage Wars is on A&E tonight. Could it get any more different.

    1. We watched a Dreamworks Christmas special…then I said, no more Christmas I’m depressed enough about it.

      so we watched a Miss Marple…a good BBC mystery is always something we can both agree on, and it doesn’t make me weepy…like so many shows do….even cartoons.

      Storage Wars….I can gather what it’s about…but I haven’t seen it.
      Some shows just scare me. Hoarders – all these extreme game shows..Survivor…what the? and yes I know the world loves it…but American Idol…gag.

      Give me Dr. Who any day!!!

      (glad you didn’t laugh at me about MacGyver)

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