Today’s Stress Relief – A Seal Pup Chillin’ On The Couch

(Image via

Imagine you are a seal pup. No, really. You…are a seal pup. And after a day of fun and exploration, what do you do but settle down on the couch after the end of a busy day.

This article from the New Zealand Herald describes the exploits of this cute, but still wild and dangerous little guy and has a photo gallery of the seal making himself at home on the couch.

Chris Clark, from the Department of Conservation, believes he had already dealt with the cutie earlier in the day only to receive call that a seal had made himself at home on someone’s couch. Some of the adventures of the day include:

  • captured in a residential garden,
  • released in Tauranga Harbour,
  • wander into the home of Annette Swoffer around 9:30 p.m. through the cat’s door,
  • hang out in the kitchen and then go to the couch and settle down,
  • pose for some cute pictures,
  • captured again and put into a box,
  • escape box and go to front of vehicle and accidentally (of course it was) turn on the radio,
  • settle in the front seat,
  • plan to play hide and seek the following evening with Chris Clark

Lesson learned? Make some time for fun and exploration.


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