She Shoots! She Scores…A Brand New Truck!

(Image via

This can be called luck or a Christmas miracle but, whatever you call it, it is heartwarming. You may have seen videos of a contest that is held between periods of hockey games where people try and get a puck into the net to win a prize. The catch is that there is a board in front of the net and the puck has to go through a hole that is only a little bit larger than the puck itself.

59-year-old Brenda Hewlett, who entered this type of contest as a joke because she needed a new truck, was picked as one of 5 finalists to try and win the truck. When it was her turn she cautiously walked onto the ice. Using a hockey stick that was too big for her, she steadied herself, sent the puck to the net and watched with everyone in the arena as the puck entered the net. With that one action, Brenda won a 2011 Ford F-150 truck.

Check out the video and watch Brenda’s “Miracle on Ice”!


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