Winter Is Finally Here

Yesterday and today we had  snow and freezing rain. This afternoon, the temperature was only -2 Cel. with a windchill of -9. Tonight, the weather channel’s dartboard is predicting -18 Cel. and a windchill of -29. Good times! Good times. I actually got dressed yesterday morning and by 2:00 or 3:00 I was back in my jammies. I may go back in my jammies before supper tonight as well. It’s definitely stay indoors weather.

Time for some hot chocolate.



  1. We’ve had warm, then cold, then warm. Our first (and only todate snow storm did all kinds of damage becaue the leaves were still on the trees — looked like a disaster zone rather than a winter wonderland (love your photo). We had high winds yesterday — branch fell on roof, but only damage seems to have been a twist to the top of the chimney for our hot water heater, and the winter eventually blew the branch right off the roof!.
    Stayed in the “big house” most of the day (our landperson is away right now) which is further away from the trees that might fall) writing on the computer, listening to the wind, and checking on our roof.
    Be nice to have some snow — a light dusting to go with the colder tempertures!.

  2. I’m so glad we don’t (normally) get weather like that.
    today it was a bit cold this morning, woke up with a migraine, it’s warmer now. And mid week it will be almost spring like temps again, but the temps to plummet at night.

    We both hate the cold so much we are thinking of becoming Snow Birds…living in a warm climate for the winter (probably November – March). And it doesn’t really get that cold here most of the time, that’s how much we hate it.

    stay warm and snuggly.
    I often don’t get out of my jammies.

    1. You guys want to be snow birds! Do you have an idea where you would like to go? I don’t know how humid it gets in the S.E. States as compared to S.W. States during the winter. I was in Florida once, during January and I loved it but you can’t judge things by using one week as a guideline.

      I’m watching the Golden Globes and was back in my jammies before supper. I have gone out for quick walks in the sun to the convenience store the last couple of days. That’s the good thing with cold weather, the sun is usually shining bright. Tomorrow gets cloudy and warmer, again.

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