I Needed To Do A Haiku

(Image via someecards.com)

It is rare that I write a poem. It happens, seriously, about five years or so. But, when I do, it’s because I get this mental itch that has to be scratched using pen and paper. These last couple of days, I needed to write a haiku. I wrote a few different ones and decided to share this one about Groundhog Day.

(Image via cartoonstock.com)

Groundhog Day is done.

Shadows seen and not seen. Meh.

Dart board works as well.



  1. Was that itch scratched?

    I believe he would have seen his shadow here, it was a bright sunny day, but if we continue to have the winter we’ve been having, I can’t complain. Yesterday, it was in the 70’s F! I went for a ride with the top down on my car! Woot!

    I’m very behind on reading…and writing posts. Having house guests, even quiet non assuming house guests, put a wrench in my normal day to day routine. : )
    But you know, I think I’ve been needing that wrench!

    1. I’ve been scratching. I have a notebook by my bed and have written a few. A couple of phrases were said yesterday and they stuck in my mind. Although, I’ve also been getting back into posting again so it may all be tied together.

      I don’t even remember what it was like yesterday morning. I think no shadow. The temperature during the day has been good but mostly cloudy. Most years it would have been a freezing, stay indoors cold spell, but the temps are still staying a little below the freezing mark. Though I’d prefer 70’s. In between the rain, freezing rain and warmer temps, the snow is so dirty. I’d be happy for the snow to melt and then it’s Christmas Eve when it can snow again.

      I think you needed that wrench too. Enjoy your friends. Times like this rarely happen.

      1. today I’m so afraid I’m catching a cold! boo…sure don’t want that to happen with complicated pregnant woman in the house!

        Wish you were here we’d ride to the coast with the top down!


        1. Do you take extra vitamins? I started taking vitamin d this cold season. I take a multivitamin which has vit. d and started taking a 400 i.u.pill. Still caught a cold last month but I wasn’t feeling as bad as I usually do. Now, the cold that’s going around here apparently lasts and lasts. Lucky us. People are saying they have it for a month or two.

          Then I ran out of vit. d. for about a week. When I started taking it I upped it to 800 i.u. and started feeling better within the week. I started taking it partly from being in a northern climate, partly overweight and partly because viruses travel back and forth between us so easily in the house. I still have the cold but I think if I wasn’t taking the vit. d, I would feel worse. I started vitamin c last year but don’t feel like that made a difference. Apparently a number of people have a vit. d deficiency of some sort.

          But, tell me, when the top is down, are you wearing a scarf? If not, you have to get a scarf so it can blow in the wind. I’ll just live vicariously through you.

          Hope you’re not getting a cold.

          1. I do take extra vitamins. Calcium 1200mg, D 1000, have B-12 shots every 3 weeks, oh and fish oil….plus the multi. I do (did) have a D deficiency, and B-12…which is bizarre because I eat a lot of meat, and dark green veggies. but I’m not absorbing it. Luckily, Stuart can give me the shots.

            Thinking it may just be allergies..I didn’t think about it, but we had the house cleaned yesterday, they probably stirred up a lot of dust.

            I do have a scarf, but normally wear a ball cap. the scarf is hard to keep on…I don’t know how Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn did it. I did get a new one that works better….it’s huge! so it stays.

            I want a white one with a crisp white suit like the famous picture of Grace Kelly….but only after I’ve lost some weight…white on over weight people is not normally attractive. : )


            1. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Do the scarf NOW! You may always be “waiting” for a better time, better weight, better “fill in the blank”. Put it on, get the knot tied in the back and your off. You may have to add a pretty barrette on each side since you’re dealing with real outside air, not the studio-generated air that could be controlled in those scenes.

              House cleaning could do it. I hope that’s all it is.

              And, not to put too fine a point on it but…*whispers* use the scarf, become one with the scarf. 😉

              1. OMG! This made me laugh so loud!
                I do wear a scarf at times, normally when I’m not driving, but I will try the barrette suggestion…and will try to become one with the scarf!!!

  2. Haiku to you! Thanks for sharing about groundhog day — I had completely forgotten about it. No shadow here — but then we haven’t really had winter YET. I’m waiting for it in Feb. and March!

    1. We have the snow, it’s dirty, but we have snow so we know it’s winter. But, then we get freezing rain and rain. I wish it would just melt. I do think that we’ll have an early spring. We may get a freak April snow storm but the snow will melt in no time after that.

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