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I thought you might enjoy a break from all things Valentine. I hope you enjoy them.

How big and how small are we humans in comparison to other things in our universe?  Check out The Scale of the Universe 2 and compare yourself from the smallest (quantum foam and string) to the farthest away from planet Earth (an area that the Hubble telescope found that has galaxies 12.7 billion light years away).

Time-lapse pictures from the International Space Station on January 29, 2012  have been turned into a video of the northern lights .

(Image via

This is the creative process of artist Riusuke Fukahori who uses acrylic paint and resin to produce 3D works of art.

(Image via

Most bookstores seem to, sadly, be going the way of the dodo. Here’s some pictures of beautiful bookstores from around the world. And then check out these cats who are the boss of their bookstore.

(Image via

Amy from Pregnant Chicken noticed that “Pregnant Woman Porn” was a search term that was sending people to her site. Knowing that she didn’t have what “they” were looking for, she thought that pregnant women deserved their own eye candy and created some Porn for Pregnant Ladies.

A sledding crow using a jar lid so it can slide down a roof. Yes, I said sledding.

You may now return to your regular schedule of shopping, making and baking for Valentine’s Day.


  1. My cat was born in a book store. he and his mother lived there and someone claimed they tripped over the mother and told the owners they would sue if they didn’t get rid of the cats.

    Isn’t that horrible!!!
    but we got a pretty cool cat out of the deal!

  2. Some people will say they’ll sue over anything. Would they have said the same thing if there were books on the floor? I’ve been in many bookstores, especially older ones that are packed floor to ceiling with books. And really, those ones seem to be the best with owners who love books. I would think most of the places will have a sign that says there’s a cat on the premises so that people will know, whether to watch out for cats or if they have allergies. It reminds me of the parents who let their kids run around in a restaurant and then want to blame the restaurant and staff if the kid gets hurt. I used to be an asst. manager of a pizza place and we all had to tell parents to get their kids back to their table. Hot cheese and kids running around don’t mix. We aren’t babysitters, be responsible for your kids.

    I borrowed your soap box for a bit, hope you didn’t mind. 🙂

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