Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day

Do you get the feeling that Cupid hasn’t been putting much of an effort into things for you?

(Image via funzug.com)

Perhaps, years ago, some little hussy stole the boy of your dreams from right under your nose.

(Image via collegecandy.com)

All I’m saying is that, for various reasons, Valentine’s Day may not be at the top of the list of your favourite, over-commercialized holidays.

(Image via http://mycardz.wordpress.com)

But, fear not, for the real Valentine’s holiday will soon be here.

(Image via orkutrocks.com)

So, for the people who don’t like the hype, the expectations, the stresses and the expenses that is now a very commerce-driven holiday, these pictures are for you. 

Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!



  1. I’m with you and Mo — let the sales on chocolate begin. For me, dark chocolate with creamy fillings! They won’t go without a home for long!

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