Chronic Illness Links

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Cancer touches all of us. Here’s a powerful video that Linda made titled What Breast Cancer is and is not!

U.S. scientists are developing new ways to help virtually treat people with depression such as a smart phone that will detect your mood and a medicine bottle that tracks pill usage.

Another invention is from the University of Toronto that will detect cancer and infectious diseases in 15 minutes not days or weeks like it is now!

A study shows how Tai Chi is helping those with Parkinson’s disease have better balance and reduce falls.

Stem cells will be tested on children six weeks to 18 months old with sensorineural hearing loss. The ultimate goal to reverse hearing loss.

The director of gynecologic oncology at the McGill University Health Centre says research shows ovarian cancer starts outside the ovaries and should be renamed pelvic cancer.


  1. Sorry it took me so long to read and respond to your interesting blog. I’ve read of dogs who can be trained “sniff” out cancer like they can smell drugs, gunpowder, etc.
    It’s amazing how far medicine has come in some areas!

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