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sleep, you beckon me

back to bed with promises

of dreams sweet and happy

lying still, restless

toss and turn,Sandman watches

sleep’s fate in his hands

alone with my thoughts

no magic dust, insomnia

a night’s cruel mistress


    1. Hugs to you for understanding. I thought I was getting back on track after falling asleep for a couple of nights at a decent time. Then last night, surprise! We’ll see how tonight goes.

  1. oh how you speak to me.
    and i too get very poetic when I can’t sleep.
    wonder if it turns that part of the brain on or something?

    who knows, I haven’t had enough sleep.
    and have the Banana Boat song stuck in my head.
    me say Day-O
    Daylight come and me wanna go sleep.

    1. so many of us
      so many different reasons
      insomnia sucks

      And there are so many worse singers and songs to have stuck in my head than Harry Belafonte. I saw him in concert with my mother eons ago. He had a bit of laryngitis and still sounded wonderful. YouTube, here I come.

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