2 Replies to “St. Patrick’s Day Sweeties”

    Funny, I’ve always liked the Muppets more when there weren’t any real people with them. Sometimes it was OK, on the Muppet show (more Muppets less people) but in some of the movies, the people over whelmed me.
    Recently I’ve been stuck on the song, Banana Boat, and looked up when Harry Bellafonte sung it on the Muppet show, what a classic!! Oh for weeks I’ve been singing this song, it’s a wonder Stuart hasn’t killed me by now, it’s not like a woman who is hard of hearing can carry a tune…especially a Southern white woman trying to sound Jamaican.
    (I should sell tickets, I bet people would pay to see that! Ha!!)

    cute post….
    3 in one day….you are getting ready for next month..(and I don’t even understand the first prompt (if I do, it’s too hard for me anyway), so I’m going to use one of the extras. I know I don’t have to do a prompt…but I’ll probably to a lot of them. : )

    happy green people day


    1. It’s easy to do 3 posts when all you do is copy, paste and credit. And do them on 3 different days.

      I’ve had film noir music in my head and I finally found what I was in the mood for on YouTube with the soundtrack to a game called L.A. Noire. A game, go figure. But I also saved a John Coltrane song so I use that as a reference later.


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