HAWMC: Health Haiku – My Chronic Illness

(Image via studenthacks.org)

chronic illness

trapped in a body

doesn’t work as before


illnesses not wanted

brings so many life changes

makes my world spin


it’s all in your head

of course it’s all in my head

that’s where my ears are


so many like me

fighting their own battles

a war they won’t win


eyes are watching

waiting for me to slip

catch me in a lie


they’ll wait a long time

chronic illness does not care

it has found a home


I look at others

I see fear they see battles

they may one day fight


some understand many

do not get well now they say

if it were so easy


relentless illness

does not give up the battle

fighting to the end


tear drops swollen eyes

images of a life gone

never to return


I weep for what was

for what might have been

 for what will come


I had the dream again

I was healthy I had no fear

I was free again