HAWMC: 10 Things I Love And Need

Today’s HAWMC prompt is to write a list of the 10 things I need and love.

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My computer, laptop and internet. As so many people with chronic illnesses already know, one person’s luxuries are another person’s necessities. Computers and the internet are our necessities and it means we can get connected with others, see what’s happening in the world, find information and so much more.

Beautiful fall days. I love them. The temperature is wonderful, the low humidity means my sinuses and ears aren’t affected and that is heaven, the changing colours are gorgeous and no pollens to aggravate the allergies…it’s the perfect time of year for me.

My fans. I have 2 fans, as you can see. The oscillating fan that I keep on my desk and the box fan that I put in the window when the temperatures get too hot. Must stay as cool as possible.

My Walkman. So many ways to soothe the soul. I have music, books and comedians to listen to and enjoy on my Walkman.

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A heating pad. For those achy days. We all have them. It’s like a warm hug.

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Wonder wash and counter top spin dryer. Walking to the laundry mat in the winter can be hazardous if the sidewalks are icy or not clear. Having to keep looking up and down starts to make my head spin and I have to return home with dirty clothes. And humid, summer days affecting my sinuses and ears means I may be feeling like I’ve just had a turn in the washing machine.  I found this solution on Amazon. I can do a quick wash and the spin dryer gets out more water than I can by hand-wringing (a luxury or a necessity, depending on how I’m feeling that day).  I hang the clothes to let them to dry and I’m good to go with clean clothes. They don’t replace a washer and dryer, but they’re great in a pinch.

Medication. Along with the prescriptions, I also take allergy and vitamins pills. When I’m not feeling that great, I don’t eat that well, so every little bit helps.

Reading. It doesn’t matter – books, newspapers, magazines – I enjoy them all. If I were rich, my house would have a sunny room dedicated as a library.

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Stash Chai tea. My favourite tea. Don’t serve me any other brand of chai tea. It’s not the same, so don’t even try. Also, hot chocolate with a bag of chai tea steeped in it is wonderful on cold and dreary days.

My cell phone. Not the dude, just the phone. I rarely use it but always take it with me when I leave the house.  If I start feeling sick can call a cab to bring me home. Even if I’m only a couple of blocks away from home ( I can’t walk far), I don’t want to risk the dizziness making me lose my balance and veer into traffic.