HAWMC: What Did I Pin?

Today’s prompt asks us to create a Pinterest board for our health focus and to pin three things.  As my illness affects me differently each day, so does what I think about.  This is what I’m thinking about right now.

(Image by Martin Kucera via floridalightning.com)

This image by Martin Kucera at http://www.floridalightning.com reminds me what I am like with brain fog. I can only see what is close to me and, even then, fog has enveloped it. I quickly lose interest in things because it’s hard to think and concentrate.

(Image by me using http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/)

Even though our chronic illnesses can take over our lives, we must keep living. There will be some bad days and some really bad days. But, we must be aware of, enjoy and appreciate the good things that happen to us and around us, no matter how big or small.

Photo by me from the post of  my first attempt at loom knitting

Keep learning!!! This year I am going to learn how to do a few different things to keep the hands and mind active. So far I’ve tried haiku and loom knitting. That’s supposed to be a preemie hat. Don’t judge, it was my first attempt. Last week I received my supplies to do jewelry making with resin clay (a.k.a. apoxie clay) and I will get back to drawing.