My Week So Far

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Spring pollen arrives

dances with winds tickles noses

 breathe in breathe out sneeze


Ears do their own dance

their actions  sends me to bed

calm down calm down please

Sorry I haven’t been around much. The early warm weather is making everything bud now. It’s awesome and beautiful except for the effect it is having on my sinuses and ears. I’m reading but I have spring-induced brain fog right now.

But, it’s so wonderful to watch the growing sea of colours.

(A couple of early blooming tulips in the front yard)


  1. Our Spring came so early and all at once, if you blinked you missed it. All the tulips are gone, the irises, the whistera…all gone. Daisies are coming up, I have a few wild flowers blooming from last year. (got my seeds in late this year, but they should come up soon, they are flowers that bloom all summer) I’m amazed at how many of the flowers have already come and gone….and the pine pollen only lasted a short time. (yay)

    My allergies….taking 3 different types of allergy medication just to keep it under control. It’s kind of working….when I remember it all. oops.

    your photo is beautiful.

    1. Our 2 lonely tulips. They’re the only ones we have. They are planted with the brown-eyed susan plant a neighbour gave me for my birthday a few years ago. The lillies are growing nicely and should bloom in a few weeks. The rest of the yard is fir trees and some kind of nice shade tree.

      Waiting for the lilac trees from the two neighbours to bloom so I can smell the scent. A true sign of spring for me.

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