Humanity Does Good Sometimes

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t been posting much lately. No real reason other than not spending as much time in front of the computer. However, it’s @&$#ing hot today and I’m sitting in front of the computer with two fans blowing on me as I try to stay cool. Then I found some pictures that made my heart melt.

Although, with the noon temperature at 90 and the humidity making it feel like 108, I think my brain is melting a bit, too.

Because sharing is caring, check out BuzzFeed which has 21 examples of people being awesome people. And, here’s a sneak peek of some of the awesomeness.

Stay cool!

Someone remembered what it was like being young parents.

Some businesses helping others the best way they can.

Who doesn’t love firemen! And cats! And firemen rescuing cats!

And, just because…



  1. It’s hot here too. We’ve had 2 92+ days, with a heat index of 105 to 110 so you have my sympathies!
    The pictures are heart-warming and it’s nice to see/hear about folks who are being awesome towards others.
    I especially like the bookstore and the fireman with the kitten that has on a breathing mask (can’t think of the right word; been happening more frequenty lately.
    Hope it cools off soon!

    1. We seem to be having the same weather. It’s cooled off, right now it’s only 90 with humidex and that’s around what the high will be for today. Then we’re getting cooler weather, 60s and 70s, which is fine by me. Maybe it will be a cooler summer. Environment Canada predicted warmer-than-usual temperatures but they are wrong about that sort of thing a lot of times. Fingers crossed.

      Aren’t those pictures great! A lot of people have seen them and are loving it. Yesterday, I saw 5 or 6 tweets about them after I did my post. Saw more today. People love seeing the good things that we do for each other.

      Hope you get some cooler weather, too.

  2. All of this was precious but one….oh my goodness the orange kitty with the fireman brought tears to my eyes. I’m so glad it was saved.

    The kitty on the baby’s lap could be my cat’s litter mate. But my cat’s probably bigger. (he does weight almost 17 lbs…and he’s not fat!)

    I love the check the young couple received. I haven’t done that, but I have paid for the person behind me in a drive through before, just to make their day, especially if we’ve had to wait a long time.
    I had that done for me once, and it was so very sweet.

    Other acts of kindness I’ve received. I had someone pay for my gas once, I pumped it and realized I left my wallet at home….the guy next to me went in and paid for mine too. He didn’t say anything, I went in to tell the attendant what I’d done, and ask if I could go home and get the money….he told me the man had paid for my gas…it was so very sweet.
    (my mother had the same thing happen to her once)

    I had one of my customers when I was working at an art supply store, give me an art book…to encourage me to keep up my work. I didn’t know him really, I’d just chatted with him in the store, he was an old man, and so very sweet.

    There are other things, but it always touches me and makes me want to do more for others.

    I will sometimes leave books in coffee shops with a note on it that anyone who wants to read it please take it, and pass it on when finished. I got a book like that once, so I’ve carried on that tradition….I loved the book.

    I love doing acts of kindness, they often come back to you. And whenever I receive an act of kindness I’m always encouraged to do more.
    oops, a long comment huh. : )
    I liked the topic I guess.

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